Dr. Agger has been providing phone Functional nutrition, performance, and diet consultations to enable patients across the United States and internationally to experience greater health and function to overcome their health challenges for several years now.

He has seen many cases of ill health improved through an integrated natural healthcare approach, just like he uses in his 5 Steps to Health.

Our clinic will ship the necessary supplements to your door if you are residing in North America, The U.K., Australasia, and South Africa. If you are in other countries we will find the best local place to ship to your door or those things to purchase that can help you regain, maintain, or protect your health.

When you call or email for a visit, you will be able to download your initial paperwork and email it back to us. If you do not have email we will mail it to you.

Initial Appointments will last an hour. Subsequent appointments will be 20 minutes.

Your appointments will all be on Pacific Standard Time (PST)
[GMT + 8hrs ]

Dr. Agger designs his nutrition health programs to be dynamic, do-able, and successful. Our programs are designed to move you forward, and thus, are not just a couple of visits to say “here, do this and go away”, but rather are structured, in a way that you are an active participant, given appropriate tasks to help you, so together, we are able to recapture or rebuild a robust level of health no matter what your age.

Dr. Agger has a large network of laboratories, allied health professionals, doctors, interns, professors, research facilities, and graduate/doctoral students that he works with on a regular basis.

His irrepressible desire to teach other health professionals through webinars, conventions, and lectures throughout the United States, keeps him ‘bang up to date’ on the current research in integrative functional human nutrition.

Together, we will find the best options available through diet, (what you eat), herbs, (Standardized Pharmaceutical Grade herbal extracts encompassing the correct species and plant part, all extracted without harmful solvents or heating, ), quality supplements, ( whole food concentrates, glandulars ) and exercises ( specific, not generic), to get you back the life you always imagined, but maybe had given up on.

As an adjunct to your functional nutrition program, where applicable, Dr. Agger may recommend several forms of bodywork to assist with your journey, especially if you are inflamed or in pain. This may include Chiropractic or Osteopathic manipulation as adjunctive therapy. In these cases, if you don’t have a provider you trust to deliver this for you, we will often recommend practitioners Dr. Agger is familiar with in Canada, The United States, The United Kingdom, and Australia/New Zealand.

Now, enough about our programs. Read some of our testimonials and reviews!

Call or email for your initial appointment and move your health forward today! We are glad to partner with you!